cycling in Spain

I was a bit afraid of cycling in Spain after what I heard : “there are no cycling paths and Spanish drive like crazy”. Well that's not true. The cities do have cycling paths and Spanish are very cautious on passing cyclists. Another pleasant surprise: there are many good roads that hardly have any traffic because there is a motorway going in the same direction. With so little traffic it is like cycling on the widest and best cycling path ever.

There are also some roads to avoid in Spain. One of them is is the N120 from Logrono to Burgos. In this case the motorway A12 goes over into the N120 at San Domingo de la Calzada.

While I was trying to find alternative roads taking long detours, Komoot (my navigation app) kept on directing me to this very dangerous part of the N120. Komoots algorithm clearly is optimises for the shortest route and does not care much about safety. So my advice is to inspect your map for such situations and try to avoid them. Where N.. road is close to an A.. road in the same direction you will be fine on a very low traffic road. When the A.. road goes over into an N.. you may find yourself in dangerous traffic situations.


Camping in Spain

On a typical Spanish camping you will often find yourself closer to other people rather than close to nature. An example is the gigagantic Doñana camping near Huelva which can handle more than 5000 inhabitants in the high season. It has everything like in a city on its own: a gigantic swimming pool, supermarket, restaurants bars, etc.  Places like that are sometimes difficult to avoid when planning a trip through Spain. But I found some really nice exceptions which I have listed below.

  1. Camping Arizitigain in Sunbilla. A beautiful grassy camping. Cycling from Irun to Pamplona it is a good place to prepare for crossing the Pyrenees. There is good food and a small shop.

  1. Camping Camino de Santiago in CastroJeriz. The camping was pleasant to stay and I had some good laughs with the owner who was in funny mood.  From the camping you can take a walk into nicely restored village Castrojeriz and there is also a beautiful roman style church which is worth visiting.
  2. Camping Ciudat de Leon. This camping is situated on a hill with lots of grown pine trees and shade. The woman in charge was very kind and helpful in finding the best location to put my panels. From the camping it is about 4km cycling down into the centre of Leon. You will be cycling over what looks like a big motorway, but there is no reason to be scared, it is allowed to cycle there and there is plenty of space on the shoulder of the road.

    tip: when looking for a camping Google Maps can be very useful. First search for 'camping' then all campings in your area will be shown on the map. Next switch to sattelite view and zoom in. You will see how much green there is on the camping and how much open space to put your solar panels.