Johans Solar Trike

Johan is a friend who build his own solar powered tricycle. This is his personal contribution to my blog:

40 years ago Sir Clive Sinclair, an English inventor, was far ahead of his time with his 'C5'. He designed and manufactured a single person vehicle that was driven by an electric motor combined with muscle power. The basic technology that was available to him was not as good as it is today. He had to use lead batteries instead of Lithium batteries. A 1kWh in a lead battery would weigh about 25kg, while today the same energy can be stored in a 5kg Lithium battery. But also the consumer was not ready for such an efficient means of transport. The marked was moving towards larger SUV's and mini trucks. But why should a vehicle weigh more than 1000kg just to transport a single person of a 100kg. Look for yourself in any traffic line most cars only transport one person. We are hauling about tonnes of metal without much use. It is a waste of energy and waste of road space. Think about that.

I decided not to be part of this any more and decided to try it differently. My solar driven tricycle has a range of more than 250km on a sunny day and a speed of 30km/h. It weights only 48 kg. Most cars will also have a mean speed of 30 km/h (If you have a board computer, just check for yourself) . In the city you will often be faster at your destination with a bicycle than with a car. It is simply time for something else between a bicycle and a car that is electrical and comfortable.