The vehicle

Composition of my vehicle :

* AZUB Six recumbent bicycle. A recumbent bicycle is very comfortable and lets you enjoy the scenery instead of the tarmac
* Schlumpf speed drive front gearing enabling intantanious gear shifting ratio of 1:2.5 (expensive but recommended)
* Gearless hub motor in the rear wheel. 500 W, Brand: MXUS XF39 XF40. The motor has a large diameter for higher torque performance
* Lithium battery pack : 36V / 35 Ah
* 3 semi flexible solar panels (100Wpeak each) mounted on aluminium frame
* 3 channel MPPT converter (by own design)
* Burley Coho XC trailer converted into a solar panel carrier
* recumbent bicycle side panniers L+R by Ortlieb