Travelling with a recumbent bicycle

In France, Spain and Portugal recumbent bicycles are not very common and people often react very surprised. Comforably leaning backward, looking at the scenery and waving at surprised faces is a great expierence. 

I think for a long distance road trip a recumbent bicycle is a much better choice than a standard touring bicycle. It is almost as comfortable as a car seat and lets you enjoy the scenery without stressing your neck muscles. There is also less stress on the wrists, no saddle pains, and no need to wear special pants. The only time I would prefer a normal bicycle is in situations where there are frequent stops like you would have in cities and on steep trails through nature.  On a normal bicycle you can quickly put one foot on the ground to maintain balance; on a recumbent bicycle the distance and angle of the legs makes this more difficult.

It is also said that a recumbent cycler is less visible. I think that may be true for the very low riders. The Azub Six however the seat is positioned higher so I think it is not really a problem.  I increased my visibility using a little orange flag on my trailer. Looking back in my rear view mirror I always see this flag fluttering happy in the wind. It has almost become a friend keeping me safe.

I have considered the other options like a tricycle and a normal bicycle but now I am really happy with the choice I made.