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camping in Portugal

During my trip through Portugal from North to South, I tried to follow the coast as much as possible for several reasons : fewer hills, more cycling paths and more campings that would be open in the low season. Campings located close to popular beaches are often too big and not very attractive. The worst place I camped was on Parque de Esmoriz in Esmoriz: 


Tightly packed caravans, fences, lights, concrete paving and guards walking around day and night.  It feld like a prison camp and I was happy to be released from this place in the morning.

Orbitur is a chain of campings that are usually open all year and offer a bit more space and vegetation.

Below are some other nice places in…

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cycling in Portugal

Like most European countries there are not so many cycling paths in Portugal. Fortunately the roads are either very quiet or have a wide shoulder to cycle on. In general motorists drive responsibly and give much room to cyclists.  Most roads are paved with good quality asphalt except roads through villages which are often paved with the cobble stones which are less comfortable to cycle on.

If you think you can simply follow the official EuroVelo 1 (Atlantic roast route) through Portugal, think again. This route is not marked anywhere. To be precise during the whole trip I only saw a single EV1 marker close to Lissabon.

The suspension bridge across the Tagus in Lissabon is not for cyclists but you can…

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